Saturday, September 10, 2005


I have not needed to post on new orleans because simply enough everybody has seen what a cosmic fuck up it has been. even i was shocked though top see bush has the arropgance to award the bvery first reconstruction contascts to haliburton. haliburton for fucks sake! the same compnay that was found guilty of defrauding the US government in iraq, the sanme company that is in clear conflict of interest with the vice president because he used to run the copmpany. the same haliburton that was criticised for winning no bid contrracts for the work in iraq and has performed exceptionally poorly in rebuil;ding anything in iraq. i though the bush administration might have woken up to the fact they fucked up mightily in responding to hurricane katrina and do all they could to spin their way out of it. Giving haliburton the contract wikll only full further the accusations of cronyism and add to the critiscism that apointing a man to head FEMA whose only qualification was that he was mates with the Bush campaign manager. becauase of these actions peiople have died, and now it is not just iraqis, who can be hidden easily from the US population by a complient media and military willing to shoot journalists, but americans themselves. its going to take a lot of spinning for bush to get himself out of this, infact he might actually have to take some real action but i severely doubt his people have the brains or compassion to do anything but accuse their criticvs of anythin from "playing the blame game" to "hurting america!". i only hjope as the media has realised they were being played for suckers by wankers like Rove, a man who with any luck could br facing jail for leaking the name of a CIA undercover agent, they will actually do their jobs and hold the goverment to account.