Wednesday, October 12, 2005

get happy

it is with joy, a sense of cosmic revenge and simple final justice that i view the Bush administrations meltdown. To watch as Delay is indicted, rove looks to be, cheney's fallen out with bush and is keeping an even lower profile than normal, the right lashes out t his choice of next supreme court judge and Bush's ratings plummet as America finally realises he has made them so unsafe they can't actually defend themselves against their own weather is so godd. i have winged to everyone, been despondent tese lst few years as the casualties piled up in Iraq, as international law and common sense were ignored, as the US became a beacon fro all that was negatiove. finally the tide is turning, these bastards are actually, at last, with a bit of luck going to get what's coming to them. of curse going to prison or even just being exp[osed as corrupt and incompetnat are not exactly adeqaute payback for the most destructive five years in living memeory, and i'm sure the realtives of those killed by Bush's wars would not really see this as much of a cause for celebration but i now actually have a glimmer of optimism about the future. if bush is seen as the cunt he really is i hope this extends to his stupid ideas, about climate change, about war, about religion in schools and not giving enough condoms to africa and everything involving corporate america. i hope his ideology lies in tatters about him, as damned and hated in america as it is in the rest of the world. perhaps i'm being a bit premature but we can hope a little, the only thing may be its already too late and the damage has been done.