Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Telling America to Fuck Off

So today Ariel Sharon again tells the US to fuck off when politely asked to maybe ease off on stealing the land of other people and not piss off the very people Bush is trying to woo as part of the war on stuff. Not that unusual for Sharon to do that as Israel is the only country that can really stick two fingers up at the US and still receive a large amount of military aid. Though saudi Arabia can both suck up to the US and in its schools and mosques slag off the US and Western Everything. Now India get in on the act, refusing a US offer of Arms becasue they sold F16's to pakistan. They would not have done that a few years ago, if the US offers you arms its a good idea to take them else you might find them being pointed at you in amuch less friendly way. The fact that India has the power to do this is largely due to the fact it is being wooed by both the US and China. the US to encircle China and china to alienate the US. Of course it might as well be due to the slow erosion of US influence, Europe may still amke polite noises to stay friends woth the US but most countries realise that now maybe they don't have too, plus it usually goes down better with the electorate to be seen as giving the US the finger. A far cry from the days we stood shoulder to shoulder with them, and that was only three and a half years ago.


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