Thursday, June 15, 2006

sunwatch #46,40000

not content with already reporting a pack of lies the sun goes for one more, to put the boot in so to speak. they are claiming that police found £38,000 in the houses of the men arresterd in Forsest gate. firstly even if true, not actually illegal. second, considering the track record of police sources who talk to the sun its almost certainly a lie or outright exaggeration. they also say the adress was that of known criminals, in this case that the men's older brother had been an armed robber. as if that somehow gives an excuse for what the police did.

it seems the sun and the police are singing from the same thick and cruel hymn sheet, which is a tad worrying as there is actually a real terrorist threat to this country and both the Police and the Sun are only making things worse. Together they've happily destroeyd these families lives, no jsut with the bungled raid but that the taint of unanswered questions they alwasy mutter about. the same happened with the British citizens released from Gitmo, the Sun happily printed a bunch of lies fed to them by the Pentagon to smear a group of innocent men who'd alrady been tortured in the US gulag.
i should imagine the forest gate raid plus the hysteria the sun and its tabloid friends stoke up are pretty much the best tools for extremist Jihadists to use to recruit the many deeply pissed off and alienated muslims in Britain. i'm just glad we've not got Ann Coulter, we do have Julie Burchill but nobody even listens to her.

also the idea that the men who killed themselves in Gitmo might have a PR stunt and that it was an attack on america is beyond comment. it is also beyond the realms of actual belief that anyone might believe such shite.


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