Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Todays depression inducing news

Guardian, 15th June-
"The 15-year-olds from Emmanuel College in Gateshead, a privately-backed city technology college which hit the headlines over accusations it teaches creationism alongside evolution, were sitting their GCSEs a year early and had been predicted to get A and A* grades. It was discovered at the eleventh hour that they had spent the past year learning the wrong first world war poems."

"Civil liberties groups have condemned an arrangement between Microsoft and Chinese authorities to censor the internet.
The American company is helping censors remove "freedom" and "democracy" from the net in China with a software package that prevents bloggers from using these and other politically sensitive words on their websites.
The restrictions, which also include an automated denial of "human rights", are built into MSN Spaces, a blog service launched in China last month by Shanghai MSN Network Communications Technology, a venture in which Microsoft holds a 50% stake.
A Microsoft spokesman said the restrictions were the price the company had to pay to spread the positive benefits of blogs and online messaging.
"Even with the filters, we're helping millions of people communicate, share stories, share photographs and build relationships. For us, that is the key point here," Adam Sohn, a global sales and marketing director at MSN, told the Associated Press news agency. "

But its not the company that is paying the price, it will be the thousands of innocent Chinese computer users who want to have the same basic rights enjoyed by californian software devvelopers. Bunch of cunts.


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