Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Between terrorists and the Met

Perturbed by todays tabloid headlines accusing the family of the brazilian killed by police on the tube of hogging the headlines, that they got more help form the Met than the families of those killed by the terrorist bombing.
All i can say is its not a bloody competition, nobody is denying the families sufered horribly in losing loved ones but the fact is the Met shot a man dead then lied about it- there needs to be a thorough investigation, its not like we're ignoring the catching of terrorists. so in britan now we get to be afraid of not only terror bombings but also that we might be shot dead for no reason than we share a postcode with a terror suspect.

although on the bright side it shows the Met are not as racist as we thought, they will shoot anyone, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

the tabloids also shrieked that 1 in 7 terror suspects are asylum seekers, omitting the fact that most terror arrests have in fact not resulted in any actual charges. they frankly would love to sccream that all asylum seekers are potential terrorists as there nothing the tabloids love better than to kick those who have escaped persecution and threats of death in another country. in fact why britan is still considered a safe haven when we have an overtly hostile environment where several asylum seekers have been murdered in cold blood and many of the others locked in detention centres is beyond me. i am probably more ashamed of that than anything else my country has done in recent years, apart obviously from the fucking of Iraq.

also read today of a US christian broadcaster who called for the assasination of chavez in venuzuala, calling hima dictator who was impoverishing his country and that the coup the US supporeted was popular, even though chavez was democratically elected, the coup ended when the people refused to support it and he has made great strides in the eradication of poverty. the fact that the accusation could be more easily aimed at his country was obviously lost on him, as was the fact that if someone in venuzuala had said that about bush the US probably would have
invaded before he finished the sentence.


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